Welcome to SunHorse Stables!  We offer private lessons for dedicated children and adults who want to learn a solid foundation of horse knowledge and riding skills in a relaxed, non-competitive barn. If you’re looking for one-time trail ride, a birthday party, or a show barn, that is not us! However, there are many other local barns that offer those services. 

**For all riding lessons, the following are required: long pants, riding boots with a heel, and an approved helmet. Groundwork lessons require long pants and sturdy shoes.  Jones Feed, WC Equestrian and IFA are local, nearby tack stores that carry the necessary apparel.

Intro to Horsemanship


Classes to introduce you to our barn and to go over the basics, including catching a horse, putting a halter on, leading, grooming, tacking up, mounting up, holding the reins, stopping, turning, and horse terminology.

Leadline Lessons (5yo and under)


Lesson includes horse and tack. Littles will learn to groom and tack up, basic groundwork, and riding exercises to develop balance and reflexes.

**must be under 40 pounds to ride the mini horse.

Private Lessons (6yo and up)


Lesson includes horse and tack.  Beginning students will learn to groom and tack up, basic groundwork, riding exercises to develop balance and reflexes, basic control of the horse (go forward, stop, turn), and how to untack and take care of the horse after the ride. Intermediate/advanced students will learn advanced groundwork and riding skills appropriate to their level of training.

Groundwork Lesson (non-riding)


Lesson for those who want to be around horses but don’t necessarily want to ride on them. Students will groom and/or free-lunge.

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