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Basic and advanced horsemanship: dressage, rodeo, gymkhana, obstacles, liberty, horse keeping, and more

— for kids and adults.

We’re looking for:

  • Children and beginning adult riders who want to learn basic horsemanship (riding, handling, free-lunging, long-lining, driving, grooming, stabling, nutrition, husbandry), and/or dressage, rodeo, gymkhana, obstacles.
  • Intermediate and advanced riders of all ages who want to work to fill any gaps they might have in their horsemanship or horse keeping skills, or who want to try some new skills to keep things fresh, including many types of groundwork, dressage principles that can help any horse learn to move in healthy ways, and fine-tuning rider position for strength and safety.
  • Students, young and not so young, who want a small, quiet barn and one-on-one lessons, in a low-stress atmosphere that is focused on fun and safety rather than competition.

Is this you?  Give us a call/text/email/carrier pigeon/telepathic message* so we can get started.

SunHorse Stables

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Valley View and Warm Springs

Las Vegas, Nevada 89118

(702) 506-6255

*Carrier pigeon and telepathic messenger service pending