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Basic horsemanship, dressage, rodeo, gymkhana, obstacles

— for kids and adults.

We’re looking for:

  • Beginning adult riders who want to learn basic horsemanship (riding, handling, free-lunging, long-lining, driving, grooming, stabling, nutrition, husbandry), and/or dressage, rodeo, gymkhana, obstacles.
  • Children who want to learn basic horsemanship with the help of Dakota the mini horse.
  • Students, young and not so young, who want a small, quiet barn and one-on-one lessons, in a low-stress atmosphere that is focused on fun and safety rather than competition.

Is this you?  Give us a call/text/email/carrier pigeon/telepathic message* so we can get started.

SunHorse Stables

** By appointment only. **

Valley View and Warm Springs

Las Vegas, Nevada 89118

(702) 506-6255

*Carrier pigeon and telepathic messenger service pending